There’s plenty of budget fitness trackers on Amazon to choose from and this one from Beaulyn is one that I chose to review last month.  It features step tracking, all day heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, blood pressure, blood oxygen, 8 different training modes, music controls, remote shutter, weather, and smartphone notifications.  You do get an extra strap with your purchase too which is nice.

Overall, it tested out fairly well.  It’s not a 5-star fitness tracker but I gave it 3 stars on Amazon because most of the features worked reliably for me.

>>View the fitness tracker on Amazon.

Step Tracking

Step tracking was good.  In my tests it was about 95% accurate on the 100-step count tests that I did.  One review on Amazon stated that the tracker counted steps while they were driving but that didn’t happen to me.

Step Tracking Grade: B-

Heart Rate Sensor

The heart rate sensor did well estimating my resting heart rate.  It was on par with other much more expensive trackers I compared it against including the Garmin Fenix 5s and the Samsung Gear Sport.  I’ve tested enough trackers to know what my resting heart rate normally is and it gave me the same numbers.



Heart Rate Sensor Grade: B-

Training Modes

During activities I had mixed results for the heart rate sensor.  During some of the running/walking exercises I did, it performed very well against the Fenix 5s but on some occasions it didn’t perform nearly as well. So, yeah definitely mixed results.

The 8 training modes that it supports are: basketball, badminton, football (soccer), running, rope skipping, walking, and bicycling.

Training Mode

Training Mode

Training Mode Grade: C-

Sleep Tracking

Sleep tracking was a bit primitive, especially compared to Fitbit.  The results were in the ballpark of how long I slept but sometimes it would count just periods of inactivity as sleep.  Again, I got mixed results on sleep tracking.  There’s certainly better options out there if you want to monitor your sleep more accurately.  The Samsung Gear Sport and pretty much all of the Fitbit devices do a good job with sleep tracking.  Garmin is pretty good too.

Sleep Tracking Grade: C-



Music/Camera Controls

The music controls worked fine in my tests as well as the remote shutter.  For music, you’ll need to start your music app first, (I used Google Play) and then you’ll be able to skip tracks and start and stop them.  The remote camera shutter allows you to set up your shot and give a short delay before the photo is taken, which can be handy.

Camera controls

Camera controls

Music Controls

Music Controls

Other features the watch has is a stopwatch and you can adjust the screen brightness.  Like most budget fitness trackers the screen is difficult to see in bright sunlight but it’s a little better than many I have tested.

Blood Pressure

The tracker also can estimate your blood pressure and this was another feature that gave me mixed results.  Compared against a arm cuff at times it was very close but sometimes it would be off by quite a bit.  I did get the most accurate results with the tracker when I held my arm up to heart level while sitting down.

It’s always a good idea to take your blood pressure while in a seated position after sitting for a few minutes.

Below are the results I got from two different tests.  In the first, the blood pressure cuff by ReliOn estimated my blood pressure at 115/75 while the tracker estimated 114/72.

In the second test, the ReliOn machine estimated 110/72 and the tracker estimated 113/71.  By the way, I do like the ReliOn™ BP300 is a new blood pressure monitor that I’m using and I prefer it over the Omron monitors that I have.  My husband has high blood pressure that he has to monitor daily and this one worked the best for him. You can find it at Walmart.

Blood oxygen levels seemed to be accurate compared to blood oxygen monitors used at my doctor’s office.

Blood Pressure Accuracy Grade: C

Da Fit App

I do like the app that this fitness tracker uses.  It is called Da Fit and it’s easy to navigate and professional looking.  Some of the apps that accompany cheaper fitness trackers leave a lot to be desired but I like the clean look of the Da Fit app.

In the app, you’ll be able to see a history of your stats for steps, heart rate, sleep, blood pressure, and blood oxygen.  The trackers itself also shows a history of your last 7 blood pressure, blood oxygen, and heart rate readings.

Blood pressure history screen (long press to measure blood pressure)

Blood pressure history screen (long press to measure blood pressure)

Blood oxygen history (long press screen to measure)

Blood oxygen history (long press screen to measure)

Starting a blood pressure or blood oxygen reading can be starting from the watch or the app.  However, blood pressure readings initiated from the watch will only be stored on the watch while readings started from the app will be stored on both the watch and in the app.

Blood pressure is not taken automatically throughout the day since you need to be in a proper position to get more accurate results.

App Grade: B

Smartphone Notifications and Bluetooth Connectivity

Through the app notifications can be enabled, alarms, how often you’d like your heart rate measured and other personalized settings.

The app doesn’t sync with other apps like MyFitnessPal or Google Fit, so if that’s important to you keep that in mind.

The Bluetooth connection remained strong for me.  I had the watch connected to a Samsung Galaxy S7 and it reliably pushed notifications to the watch.

My only complaint about the text notifications is that the text itself is quite small.  It does show the entirety of the message but you’ll need good eyesight to read them!  A history of your last three notifications remains on the watch.

Notifications/Bluetooth Grade: B

Build Quality and Comfort

The tracker is very comfortable and lightweight to wear and it does come with an extra strap.  I got the pink one and a black strap also came with it.  There’s other color options as well.

There are three watch faces to choose from and those have to be set through the app.  The digital watch face was in a 24-hour format so I choose the analog version.

The watch is rated IP67 for water resistance which means it is splash proof but it is NOT for swimming.

The bottom portion of the screen is responsive to touch and touching the screen will take you through the various menus while long-pressing will start an activity or blood pressure reading, blood oxygen, etc., as long you are on the appropriate menu item.  It’s simple to operate but it’s easy to accidentally go past the menu item you’re wanting to select.  I did that quite a few times!

Overall, for the price it’s not a bad fitness tracker.  As I wrote earlier, it gave me mixed results at times during activities and when taking my blood pressure but often times it was quite accurate.

To be fair, I’ve tested much more expensive fitness trackers that sometimes gave me mixed results as well.

Build Quality Grade: B-

Final Thoughts

I’ve had the tracker for over a month now and it hasn’t had any issues.  It charges well and keeps a charge for several days.  It lives up to its’ claims for battery life.

With black strap

With black strap (included)

The tracker claims to support both imperial and metric units but the watch displays kilometers for distance.

Overall, I’ve had decent test results from it.  If you’re looking for something cheap that will count your steps and give you a good sense of what your resting heart rate is then this is a good option.

If you want a tracker that’s going to more reliably measure your heart rate during walking or running exercises then I’d suggest spending more if you can and look at a Garmin, Samsung, or Fitbit device.

>>View the fitness tracker on Amazon.

The full specs for the fitness tracker are below:

Screen: 1.3″ TFT
CPU: NRF52832
Time Format: 24/12 hour (12 hour available only on analog watch face)
Weight: 1.06 oz
Battery: 230 mAh
Working Time: 7-10 Days
Bluetooth: 4.1
Strap Material: TPU elastomer
Strap Size: 5.11 – 7.87 inch
Waterproof: IP67 (for splashes, rain drops, NOT for swimming)
App Name: Da Fit


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Last Update: September 9, 2018