Aventon just released their latest e-bike called the Aventure. Yes, that’s spelled without the “d”. It’s a fat tire, multi-purpose e-bike available in two different frame styles and multiple frame sizes. It is obvious that Aventon is taking on the RadRover. After all, the email announcing the Aventure was quickly followed by another email comparing the two bikes. Just looking over the specs, the Aventure wins easily.

One of the few areas in which Rad comes ahead is its price; it’s lower than the Aventure by $200. The RadRover is currently going for $1699 and the newly released Aventure is listed at $1899, but most buyers will see that spending an extra $200 is worth it.

With the Aventure you’ll get a fully integrated frame with the battery and controller hidden inside for a sleek look, a true 750 watt motor (1130 watt peak), hydraulic disc brakes, a much more sophisticated display, a higher top speed, and a slightly higher capacity battery.

One of the most important differences between Rad and Aventon that same may overlook is that Aventon offers different frame sizes. No matter how great a bike is, if it’s too big or too small for you as a rider, you won’t enjoy it, and it might be dangerous for you to ride. More ebike companies need to begin offering different frame sizes.

Most ebike companies offer step-thru versions of their popular models, which makes it easier for shorter people to get on and off the bike, but the reach may still be too far or the bike’s geometry is still off for a shorter person. Also, just because you’re short doesn’t mean that you always want a step-thru frame. A rider might prefer a standard frame for its increased strength and stiffness. On the other hand, some taller folks might want a step-thru, but many step-thru’s are designed with shorter people in mind. I like that Aventon has addressed both of these issues by offering both frames styles in different frame sizes to accommodate more people’s needs. Check out the Aventure step-thru version and standard frame to see all the options.

Spec Comparison

Motor48 V 750 Watt Sustained Rear Hub (1130 Watt Peak)48 V 750 Watt Peak Geared Hub Motor
Battery48 V 15 Ah; Samsung Cells48 V 14 Ah; Samsung Cells
Range45+ miles45+ miles
TiresKenda Krusade 26″ x 4″ Ebike RatedKenda Juggernaut 26″ x 4″
BrakesBengal Ares 3 Hydraulic Disc Brakes; 180 mm rotorsTektro Aries Mechanical Disc Brakes; 180 mm rotors
GearsShimano Acera 8-Speed; 12-32 Tooth; 46 T chainring w/170 mm crank armsShimano 7-Speed; 11-34 T; 170 mm crank arms
ShifterShimano Acera RapidFireShimano SL-TX50-7R thumb shifter
DisplayLCD smart display, full color with appLCD Grayscale Backlit Display

The Future of Ebikes

Compared to the Aventure, the RadRover looks like yesterday’s news. There are many other bike companies out there selling the exact same frame with similar components, and you can probably get them cheaper than the RadRover. Aventon has elevated their bikes, with the release of the Aventure, to what ebikes are evolving to.



It’s just blatantly obvious when comparing the two that Rad will be falling behind soon if they don’t offer ebikes with the upgraded technology and components we know are available for a similar price with other brands. We’re seeing more mid-drives, dual battery capabilities, more purpose-built frames specific to ebikes, and smarter displays.

Another company that has embraced the future is Rize Bikes which now offers dual battery functionality for nearly every model they sell. Every model has been refreshed for 2021, or soon will be. I’ve already pre-ordered the City which is due to ship in July. Those dual batteries will come in handy for the long bike adventures I plan to go on this summer.

The Aventure = A lot For the Money

But back to the Aventure. Its $1899 price tag is very good for what you’re getting. I would expect it to cost a few hundred dollars more considering it has hydraulic brakes, a custom frame offered in different frame sizes, and a full-color display that can sync to your smartphone.

I don’t see any area or component in which Aventon cheaped out. The tires, shifter, brakes, motor, battery, lights (yes it has integrated lights), and gear ratio are all very good. I’m sorry Rad, but the RadRover looks like an old clunker in comparison.

Aventon’s accessories for the Aventure are also more affordably priced than similar offerings from Rad for their RadRover. Rad isn’t shy with their prices on their accessories.

And before you loyal “RadRiders” attack me, I know you love your bikes (I love my RadWagon), but they could be better, and probably should be by now. That’s all I’m saying.



I can’t wait to try out the Aventure in person, very soon! Check back for a full riding experience review.

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Last Update: September 30, 2022