We finally learned what the Apple Watch Series 4 will deliver and I’m excited to report that Apple decided to go a little bold with more advanced heart data, such as notifying the user when an abnormal heart rhythm is detected, such as AFib.

This data can then be shared with a doctor.  This is the turning point for fitness trackers that I have and many other have been predicting.  Yeah, we’ll still have very good fitness tracking but now we’ve entered the realm of smartwatches serving a medical purpose and much more advanced capabilities will likely be coming in the future.

Fall detection has even been implemented by using the Series 4 accelerometer and gyroscope.  If the watch believes it has detected a hard fall it will first send the wearer a notification that can be dismissed or used to call for emergency help.  A message, including the GPS location will also be sent to those that the user has set up to receive such notifications.

Fall detection on the Apple Watch Series 4

Fall detection on the Apple Watch Series 4

There’s several other new features that we’ll be discussing in much more detail in upcoming articles but I wanted to share this news with you because I think it’s pretty darn cool.

I’m glad Apple decided to include these features and I guess that means I’ll have to take a couple hard falls to test out fall detection!

The Apple Watch Series 4 will start at $399 and be available for pre-order on September 14th and ship on September 21st.



For the full rundown on all the features visit Apple’s website.


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Last Update: September 13, 2018