The most popular smartwatch in the market, the Apple Watch, will soon be upgraded to the Apple Watch 4.  This is always the most anticipated smartwatch release of the year because it’s from Apple and Apple is really good at marketing and hype but also because Apple creates products many others try to emulate.

Whether it’s really the best smartwatch…well we’ll see.  I’ll be testing it out against Samsung, Garmin, and Fitbit for its’ health features.

What is known so far about the Apple Watch 4 is that it will have a larger screen, not necessarily a larger watch but just a face that has less of a bezel.  This is an important improvement because larger screens are easier to read and more information can be displayed on them in a readable format.

Not much else is known about the watch yet.  There’s plenty of rumors but right now that’s all they are.  However, on September 12th we’ll be learning exactly what new features to look forward to from Apple itself.

Things that I’d like see from the Watch 4 are an improved battery life (we always want that don’t we), more advanced health metrics, compatibility with Android (haha like that’s going to happen but if you don’t ask…), and just some feature(s) none of us have thought of before but are amazed by when we see it.

Until all the information is available, take a look at the new Apple Watch 4 on 9 to 5 Mac.




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Last Update: September 1, 2018

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