I wasn’t planning on doing a review of the chest heart rate monitor (HRM) I purchased about a month ago to replace a Garmin chest HRM that I was unable to replace the battery in but I’ve been so impressed with the inexpensive GOLife HRM that I thought I would give it some good press.

The GOLife chest HRM has worked well with both apps on my phone including MapMyRun and my Garmin Vivoactive.  Actually, I prefer it over the Garmin strap I was using before.  It’s much more comfortable and I don’t have to pre-wet the sensor or use transmission gel to get it to pick up my heart rate.  That is so nice!  I hated putting on a cold, clammy strap that strangled me. Thus, I didn’t use that Garmin strap very often.

I am using this one much more and I hardly notice it during a workout.  In fact, I even forgot I was wearing it after a workout a couple nights ago and that would have never happened with the old strap.  Believe me.  I always knew when I was wearing that thing.

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you what has turned out to be a good inexpensive replacement HRM strap.  I can’t speak for long-term durability just yet but so far, so good!

View and/or purchase on Amazon > http://amzn.to/2jB4IE7

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Last Update: November 30, 2017