My name is Kris Hay-Disney and I grew up and live in Decatur, Illinois. I have been married for more years than I can usually remember (I’m not kidding, it’s been between 20-24 years, something like that), have two children, one grandchild, two dogs, one cat, four fish, and a bearded dragon. I have many angel fish, goldfish that became angels that is, that are looking down on me now from heaven wondering how and why they lived such short lives under my care. I tried! I really did.

I have a B.S. in Natural Resources from Oregon State University, “Go Beavs!”, and as you can probably tell I like science and technology a lot. I also like gadgets, probably too much. I hope you find something useful or entertaining on the blog from time to time and share articles you find particularly interesting… or awful. Either way, it gets me more exposure.

Thank you for stopping by and I truly appreciate your support!

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