It has been a year with the Velotric T1 ST, and I’ve probably put close to a thousand miles on it, so I thought this would be a good time to share what I like and what I’d like to see for the next version of the T1 ST from Velotric.

I guess I’ll start with what I like and then the improvements or upgrades I’d like in the future. First, I haven’t had a single issue with the bike. It’s been reliable in every way. The gears shifted smoothly right out of the box, the hydraulic brakes have good power and I just noticed a slight squeak out of the front brake pad today. That’s not too bad after all the miles put on it. It’s due for some new brake pads.

It still charges well, and I haven’t noticed a drop in range from the battery, and speaking of range, I’ve been averaging about 30 miles between charges, thought I never let it completely drain, so it could theoretically last another 5-10 miles.

The ride quality is good for an aluminum frame bike that weighs around 36 lbs. It holds a line well, though I have experienced some slight speed wobble when barreling down a steep hill.

There are some changes that I made to the bike, including swapping out the mountain bike style handlebars (flat bars) to a butterfly bar. This helps on longer rides because I can change my hand position to alleviate pressure on the palms of my hands, and reduce stiffness in my shoulders. They can be a godsend if you have arthritis or pain in your hands or shoulders. They’re just my personal preference. Many people keep the stock handlebars and are happy with them.

I also changed the stock tires to slightly skinnier tires from Specialized, mostly as a test to see how it would affect the bike. I’ll be writing a whole article on that, but to make it short, I noticed a slight improvement in speed, but at the cost of a less comfortable ride.



I also swapped the stock pedals, because honestly they were very cheap, and something you’ll probably want to change, too. I removed the kickstand, because I was always tripping over it in the garage. It also makes it easier to slide the bike into the back of my car.

I am satisfied overall with the gearing of the bike, and that’s something that I am super picky about. It’s an 8-speed with enough range to ride the bike without the help of the motor in most cases. The shifting has been very reliable, and I haven’t had any issues with the chain dropping.

Velotric offers accessories for the T1 ST, such as a rear rack and fenders. I purchased the rear rack compatible with the T1 ST, and it is very lightweight and fits well. The bike would be compatible with many other third-party racks as well.

Overall, it has been very reliable and a good purchase. I love that it comes in a small frame size for us shorter people. It’s hard to find an affordable electric gravel/road bike for short riders. The Velotric T1 ST is one of the few options, and I appreciate that Velotric offers it.

I also appreciate that the battery is UL Listed, and Velotric was one of the earlier adopters of manufacturing and selling UL listed bikes and batteries, before new regulations required it.

So to recap, what I like:

  • Good Braking
  • Decent Range
  • Lightweight
  • Small Frame Option
  • Price/Value
  • Reliability/Durability
  • Smooth and Reliable Shifting
  • Frame Geometry
  • Decent Gear Ratio/Range
  • Available Accessories
  • UL Listed

Okay, so you can consider a lot of the suggestions in my wishlist, because there really isn’t anything that I absolutely don’t like about the bike, but there is room for improvement!



I would like to see the weight of the bike decreased even more. A carbon fork would help do this, and also provide better shock absorption on gravel. I’d also like to see another mounting point on the forks. The current model has one, but it would be more ideal to have at least two to be more compatible with front racks or other accessories.

An integrated rear light is another thing on my wish list. It comes with an automatic headlight, which I appreciate, but a rear light would sure be nice, too. A few more inches of cable length for the shifter and brake levers would enable riders to raise the handlebars more, or even install an adjustable stem for different rider heights and riding positions.

The length of the cables just work for my butterfly bars, but you may run out of cable length of added risers.

I have to admit that when I was first getting accustomed to the torque sensor that I found it sometimes kind of jarring. I wished that it had a smoother and more consistent take off, and that still holds true. While I have gotten use to the behavior of the torque sensor, an improved sensor would be a welcome upgrade.

I’m happy with the overall power of the bike. It provides enough of a boost to climb most hills, depending upon rider weight. The motor is also very quiet, which I love. The bike is very discreet, and many people I ride past probably aren’t aware that it is an ebike.

It would also be nice to have a display of some sort, mostly so I can know how many miles I’ve put on the bike for maintenance purposes. It doesn’t need to be fancy, but something basic would be fine with me.

One last improvement I’d like to see is some improved graphics or badging on the bike. The headtube looks very bare without a front badge. I know that sounds picky, but it is something that I notice every time I look at the bike.

So, my wishlist for the T1 ST:

  • Carbon Fork
  • More Mounting Points on the Front Fork
  • Integrated Rear Light
  • More Cable Length
  • Odometer Display
  • Improved Torque Sensor
  • Overall Reduction in Bike Weight

I think that’s it. I tried not to go overboard with my wishlist, because I want to keep the bike at an affordable pricepoint. Sure, I could have said a full carbon-fiber frame and lighter wheels, but that would add another $1000.

If you are looking for a bike like that, some Velotric dealers are selling the T1 Pro, which is a full-carbon version of the T1. It goes for around $2500. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come in a small frame size.

Overall, I’m very happy with the performance and value the Velotric T1 ST provides. It’s a good entry-level gravel/road ebike that doesn’t break the bank. I look forward to future improvement that Velotric makes to the T1 ST.

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Last Update: June 16, 2024