Rad Power Bikes sells the most electric bikes in the United States. This has both been a blessing and a curse for the company, because as soon as bikes or accessories are back in stock they are often sold out again rather quickly.

Rad is working on improving that, but if you’ve been waiting for the caboose for the RadWagon 4 to be back in stock, or you’re just looking for an alternative, check out Super Knuckle, from Portland, Oregon.

Super Knuckle specializes in cargo bike accessories and just listed adjustable Yuba Monkey Bars that are compatible with the RadWagon 4!

The kit includes everything that is needed to install Yuba Monkey Bars on the RadWagon 4 including a special adapter to match the screw holes on the RadWagon.

The bars are compatible with Yepp Maxi child seats, and back rests are also available, as well as deck pads.

I just ordered the monkey bars and will share photos of it when I have it installed on my RadWagon 4.



I just wanted to give the heads-up just in case anyone is looking for a RadWagon caboose alternative.

Visit: Super Knuckle to learn more.

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Last Update: February 21, 2021