Dost Bikes – Two New Competitively Priced Dual Battery Mid-Drive E-Bikes

dost kope
Dost Kope in Black

A new company, called Dost Bikes from Canada, has announced two new electric bikes that feature the ability to have dual batteries for a 120-mile or 180-k range.  The attention to detail in these mid-drive e-bikes is getting the attention of many in the industry.

Featuring more upgraded components that are usually found in more expensive e-bikes Dost is setting a new mark with European type styling at a more affordable price.  Starting at $2799, while not pocket change, is very competitive with other e-bikes featuring many of the same specs.

Two models are being released at this time, the low-step Drop and the mid-step Kope.  Both feature 750-watt Bafang mid-drive motors with 120 nM of torque and that’s pretty impressive!  Such a motor should be more than enough power for most.  The motor is also encased for a clean look and a quiet ride.

Inside the downtube is a Samsung 14 amp hour (672 watt hour) lithium ion battery which make for a sleek look.  The optional second battery which attaches to the frame is 11 amp hour (528 watt hour) for a total of 25 amp hours or 1200 watt hours. If you pre-order the bike which will be shipping in late spring 2020 or early summer you can save quite a bit on the second battery.

While Dost, mean friend, is a new company it is composed of well seasoned pros in the e-biking industry including its founder Sam Atakhanov quoted below:

“Between the thousands of miles we ride ourselves, and the thousands of conversations we’ve had with our customers over the years we know what people want, but we just didn’t see any bikes out there that “ticked all the boxes”. For us the winning formula combines performance, utility and comfort, and that starts with the very first pencil sketch. It’s really unbelievable what a bike can do when you have so much battery capacity combined with such a powerful mid-drive motor on a purpose-built frame. Trekking, hauling capacity, hill-climbing, speed… it’s all there in one bike.”

This is definitely a company I’ll be keeping my eye on.  The Drop looks like a strong contender as I narrow down my search for a full-size e-bike with classic bike style to blend in on the bike path but the speed, power and comfort I’m seeking from an e-bike.

Enjoy the photos below!

dost second battery
Second battery plugged in
Second battery on frame.
Dost Drop in White
Dost Drop, a step-thru frame, in white.
Dost Drop in Black
Dost Drop, a step-thru frame in Black
color display
Color display and handlebars.