The Liv Amiti E+4 hybrid electric bike is the sister of the Giant Explore E+4 bike.  Many of the specs are the same or very similar.  The only major difference is in sizing with the Amiti designed more for women with slightly different frame sizing.

The other major difference is that the Amiti E+4 is $100 more than the Explore E+4 but the Amiti is equipped with two integrated front lights. However, the Explore has 80 Nm of torque while the Amiti has 70 Nm.

There’s really no reason why a man couldn’t choose the Amiti E+4.  The Liv lineup might be geared for women but the differences are so slight it really comes down to personal preferences and needs when choosing between the two.

If you have a larger body type the Explore E+4 might make more sense with the bike geometry and higher torque from the motor but if you’re average size or have a smaller build than the Amiti is a very good choice.  Plus, you might just want the integrated lights of the Amiti!


The Amiti E+4 head tube light and regular light. The bike is equipped with an ambient light sensor to automatically switch between the two.

The Amiti E+4 is available in four frame sizes, extra small, small, medium, and large.  The bike reviewed and pictured in this article is the extra small frame size.

The 2020 Amiti is only available in one color in the United States.  There might be other color variations in European markets.  The full specs can be found on the Liv website but I’ll highlight the more important ones for an ebike.


Pedal Assist Levels Sport+, Sport, Normal, Eco+, Eco, and Smart Mode (Adds 50-360% of power to your pedal stroke)
Throttle No throttle, Class 1 Ebike
Motor SyncDrive Sport Motor co-developed with Yahama (70 Nm of torque)
Battery Giant EnergyPak 400, 36V 11.3 Ah rechargeable lithium ion
Brakes Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes (160mm diameter back/180mm diameter front)
Gears Shimano CS-HG200, 11-36T, 9-Speed
Tires Giant Crosscut Gravel 2, Tubeless Ready, 700x45c
Frame ALUXX SL Aluminum
Fork RST Volant T Coil, 60mm travel
Rear Derailleur Shimano Deore
Ebike Class Class 1, Top Pedal Assist Speed 20 MPH, No throttle.
Price $2600 USD

The Amiti E+4 is my personal e-bike and I chose it for these reasons:

  • Available in different frame sizes- more specifically the XS that I need for my 5’1″ height
  • Fits in nicely on the bike trail with non-electric bikes
  • Has a quiet motor
  • Equipped with hydraulic brakes and other higher end components
  • Purchased locally with customer support nearby
  • Loved the style
  • Wanted a bike to improve my fitness level but still have the assistance when I need it

I also have fat tire e-bikes which give the rider a different experience. The RadRunner is fun to ride but a totally different critter than the Amiti E which is much more like a road bike.

If you’re looking for an e-bike that offers the best of both worlds in terms of a traditional road bike riding experience with the assistance of a motor than the Amiti is a great choice.

The Amiti E isn’t a cruiser in which the rider sits low in the saddle and more gently grips the handlebars.  Instead, the rider bends over in a more aerodynamic posture and places more of their weight on the handlebars.  It’s still a fairly upright position.  It’s not a racing bike in which you’re hunched over so you still have good visibility around you for sightseeing and safety.

SyncDrive Sport Motor Experience 

SyncDrive Sport Motor

SyncDrive Sport Motor

The SyncDrive Sport was co-developed with Yamaha.  It’s a mid-drive motor which puts the weight of the motor at the center of the bike for optimal stability.  I’ve found the motor to be quiet and very responsive.

There’s no herky jerky on/off sensation when the motor is engaged.  Instead, it’s very in tune with the rider’s pedal stroke.  The PedalPlus 6 Sensor Technology from Giant is sophisticated in that it not only knows when you’re pedaling but with what force and other data it’s sensing.  It makes for a very natural feeling bike riding experience.



There are 5 levels of pedal assist: Sport+, Sport, Normal, Eco+, Eco which can be manually selected using the RideControl handlebar controls.  There’s also an Auto mode in which the bike will provide assistance based upon certain criteria it is sensing from your ride.

Giant also has a web app that you can use with your phone.  Through it you can customize pedal assistance levels which is nice.  You can also map and record your rides though I haven’t tried it out yet.  The app is called Giant RideControl.

You can also ride the bike without any assistance and that’s rare with many e-bikes.  With my fat tire e-bikes I would be in a world of hurt if the battery were to conk out on me miles from home because they are very hard to pedal without a motor.

The 9 gears, its lighter weight in comparison to most e-bikes, and efficient tires make it possible to ride the Amiti without the motor.

Most of the time I ride in Eco or Eco+ modes because it’s plenty for my riding style.  Using the gears I can get up most hills in Eco+.  Normal or Sport will get you up those killer hills.  I’ve only tired Sport+ for fun and it’s very zippy!  Sport+ can come in handy when you’re trying to cross traffic but I’d recommend getting to know the bike very well so you know how it’s going to behave before attempting.

I love how quiet the motor is because I’m normally riding for the purpose of enjoying nature.  The SyncDrive Sport motor allows me to hear birds singing and other nature sounds.  Another big advantage of having a quiet motor is safety because you’ll more likely hear traffic around you such as a car approaching from behind.

Riding Comfort

The Amiti is a hardtail bike built in the tradition of a high quality road bike.  That means the frame is stiff and the ride can be a bit harsh until you get used to it.  The front forks take much of the sting out of the bumps for the benefit of your wrists and shoulders but the seat and seat post is quite firm.

Selle Royal Vivo WMN Saddle

Selle Royal Vivo WMN Saddle

If you’re used to a more supple ride you’ll probably want to equip the bike with a suspension seat post.

Also, since more of your weight is placed on your wrists, I’d also recommend padded bike gloves.  I always thought bike riders wore those to just look cool.  Nope!  They serve a very good purpose.

The Amiti handles well with its large tires which help absorb some of the bumps.  You can lower the tire pressure some to absorb even more of that shock.

There is a breaking in period of you’re new to this type of riding style as I was but I adapted quickly and can ride the bike for many miles without discomfort and I’m almost 50. Yikes!


When I ordered the bike I added fenders, a rear rack, and the kickstand.  It doesn’t come equipped with these accessories but I think they are well worth adding.  The fenders provide excellent coverage of the front and back tires.  I’ve rode through water puddles and mud without getting wet or dirty.

There are several racks to choose from and I chose the Rack-It Metro rack on the Liv website.  It’s very good quality.

CooSpo Bike Computer

The CooSpo bike computer (doesn’t come with bike)

Other accessories that I’ve added include a bike computer since there isn’t a display with the Amiti. Do I miss a display?  Not really but I can see why people would prefer that it come with one.  The bike computer that I chose from CooSpo was super easy to install, affordable as bike computers go, fit the handlebars perfectly, and the distance has been accurate. I’ll be reviewing it more in-depth but so far I’m really impressed with it.

I also added a back tail light that attaches to the seat tube. I found it on Amazon like the bike computer. It’s rechargeable and surprisingly bright with 4 flashing modes.  It looks great on the bike and is bright.

There’s no bottle cage bosses but there’s really no where to put them on the frame.  For carrying a water bottle you’ll have to carry it in a bag or get a handlebar mount.  There’s not a whole lot of available space on the handlebars so you’ll have to choose which accessories you want to place there.

Final Thoughts

I chose the Amiti for several reasons and it hasn’t let me down on any of them.  I wanted a bike that would be right at home on the city bike trails, allow me to build endurance and increase my fitness level and it’s doing the job in a fun way.

It’s reassuring to know that I have the assistance from the motor when and if I need it since I have health issues which have prevented me from riding a regular bike.  E-bikes have made it possible for me to ride again and I’m very appreciative of them.

The quiet motor has plenty of power to get me up hills.  It’s a very smart setup – the smartest e-bike motor system I’ve used.

The integrated lights are great for added visibility.  The daytime running light in the headtube is unique and just plain downright cool to look at but it’s not just gimmicky.  It’s bright enough to get the attention of drivers.  It would be even better if back lights came with the bike and were integrated into the battery but it’s easy to add reflectors and/or battery operated lights for greater safety on the road.

I think the bike should come with a kickstand because this isn’t a bike I would want to lay on the ground or prop up against a tree.  It’s a gorgeous looking bike and I’d like to keep it that way.  Plus, it would be easy to damage the derailleur if the bike tipped over.  Get the kickstand through your Liv dealer because it has to be one specific for e-bikes.

Other than that, there’s nothing else I’d change.  It’s priced well for what the bike delivers. Some of what you’re paying for is the 2-year warranty and the support of local bike shops but even without that it’s still priced competitively.  E-bikes equipped with mid-drive motors are typically $2000+.

I hope this information helps you decide if the Amti E+4 is right for you!

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Last Update: April 13, 2020