What’s In the Works (Diggro DB-05 and other Stuff)

Diggro DB-05

Hey everyone, here it is April 7th and it’s currently 30 degrees outside and boy oh boy am I sick of the cold.  Normally, the trees are starting to bud and the temps are in the 50s-70s but nope it’s still cold and it looks and feels like December outside.

I’ve had so few days to get out and test outdoor activities on the watches I review.  I’ve been lucky to get one day out of 10 in which the temperatures have been above 45.  It’s been lousy since early November but surely warm weather has to be arriving soon to Illinois.  I can’t wait.

Anyway, I just got done reviewing the Nokia Steel HR, which is a hybrid smartwatch/fitness tracker and I really liked it.  It’s such a good looking, nicely sized watch that doesn’t scream, “I’m a fitness tracker or I’m a smartwatch!” from my wrist.  It just looks like a good quality, tasteful watch with some nice fitness tracking abilities built-in.  Read the review here.

Right now, I’m testing out the Diggro DB-05 (View on Amazon) GPS sport fitness tracker.  This is a budget-friendly tracker that has quite a few features.  It’s priced well below $100 and has a really nice look to it.  I was afraid it was going to be a large watch but it fits well on my wrist.  So far the step tracking and heart rate sensor has been testing out well but I haven’t pushed it hard yet.  I just got the watch yesterday.

Also, I haven’t tested the GPS because it’s freaking freezing outside!

And of course, I am eagerly awaiting my turn at testing out the Fitbit Versa.  It will be arriving April 16th.  I chose the black version but I also liked the rose gold/peach version.  I kept going back and forth trying to decide which one I wanted but I figured black goes with pretty much everything and went with it.

Next week I’m going to be listing quite a few of the watches I’ve reviewed on Ebay.  I figured it’s time to thin the herd, plus the money will help fund future reviews of new products.  Some of them are going to be hard to let go of but I’d rather someone get good use of them than have them sit in a drawer.  I’m going to keep three and I’ll be sharing why I chose those three particular watches.

But then again, if I really like the Versa I might have to keep another and oh wait, I forgot about my Pebble Time.  I can’t ever get rid of that.  It practically belongs in a museum!  Okay, I’m only going to keep 4-5 watches. :)

Well, look for the review of the Diggro DB-05 to be posted next week and my initial thoughts of the Versa soon after.

And when the weather warms, I’m going to be visiting several natural areas throughout Illinois and taking you on some tours and adventures.  I don’t want all the videos to be product reviews.  That’s not my intention of The Journier.  I have lots of ideas but most of them involve being outside but it’s got to get above 45 degrees first.