College Can Make You Crazy

I’m coming to the end of another quarter at school.  It’s unbelievable how much stress college is.  I can literally feel the difference in my bones.  When I’m on school break, the load feels lighter, the sky looks brighter, and the music on my car radio sounds so much better.  It’s wonderful!  I’m me again, instead of an emotionally crippled, sleep-deprived shadow of a person checking off homework assignments like tick marks on a cell wall.  During finals week, I feel like I could plead temporary insanity for any crime committed and easily win my case.  The mental state of most college students is bad.  We’re not well.

Yeah, yeah I know, I’m learning a lot.  I’m becoming more employable by the minute, if you ignore the temporary insanity thing.  Sometimes though, I wish I had taken an easier route.  Life would have been so much easier, if I could just be happy being a regular person with a regular job.  My parents seemed happy having regular jobs.  Unfortunately, I’ve always felt the need to save the world.  What a curse.

There’s something else that troubles me about college.  After enduring 4-6 years of  deadlines and test anxiety, who feels like getting a job?  After all this work, sacrifice and heartache, I feel like I should qualify for retirement with a full pension.  Maybe it has to do with my age but I’m tired.  I sure hope I perk up because right now I fear my only ambition after graduating will be playing bingo at the senior center.

But thank goodness for school breaks. I wouldn’t know if I were mentally suitable for anything more than coloring and gluing popsicle sticks together in a pysch ward. That’s pretty much where my mental state is now a week before finals.  Just wait till next week.  Can someone hand me a Crayon?





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