GoPro Alternative – Blusmart Sports Camera 1st Review

BluSmart Action Camera
BluSmart Action Camera
BluSmart Action Camera

Action cameras are one of those things you never knew you needed.  I remember seeing them for sale in Menards, of all places, 4 or 5 years ago and thought, “Who would have any purpose for something like that?”  It wasn’t until I began hiking and performing field studies for school that I realized it sure would have been nice if I had been videotaping at the moment a deer jumped in front of me on a bike trail and nearly took me out, or when an American Goldfinch swooped down from a tree and  landed two inches from my toes as if to say, “Hi!”  There’s tons of moments like that out in the great outdoors but it usually happens too quickly to capture on a camera.

So, I decided to research my options for an action camera.  I can’t afford the GoPro model I’d prefer to have right now, since I’m a poor college student but I discovered quite a few alternatives to the pricey GoPro.   I figured the alternatives were probably inferior knockoffs but after reading quite a few positive reviews, and finding one for only $69, I figured it was worth taking a chance. I’ve wasted money on dumber things.

For $69 I got 1080P Wifi 20 mp Wifi action camera, complete with the waterproof case and a few accessories for mounting. When I opened the package I was pleasantly surprised at the build quality.  Actually, when I chose the camera on Amazon, I didn’t even know what brand I was ordering.  It didn’t list the brand!  I was really just shooting in the dark and hoping I hit the mark with my purchase.  So far, it’s a hit.

I will be taking the camera with me to the Florida Keys in a few days and I hope to get some underwater video and really put the camera through its paces.  I’ll do a full review then but for now I’m impressed at this GoPro alternative.

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