The Journey Begins

Welcome to The Journier!  Yes, I know it’s spelled wrong but it’s actually a combination of “Journey” and “Courier” and it’s reflective of what the site aims to be.  I’ll be sharing many of my journeys but also bringing, hopefully, informative and interesting content to discuss and ponder.  I’ve been a blogger for several years, writing about local politics and issues, and I may get into some of those issues once in a while but I really wanted a blog that wasn’t focused so much on one city.  It frees me to write about so many other things.  Plus, I think it’s good to begin new projects once in a while to keep from going stale as a writer.


I am a natural resources major specializing in fish & wildlife management, so expect quite a few articles related to conservation but I have varied interests, so you never know what the topic may be.  I’m also a tech nerd!  I love gadgets and I will be writing about and reviewing quite a few of them, especially those related to hiking and fitness.  I’ll keep attempting to write my “humor” posts and bring back some old posts from the old blog.  It’s amazing that out of writing for nearly 8 years on the other blog, there’s only a handful of posts that I want to share again.  I call them my greatest hits and hopefully I can produce some more hit records, err blog posts here.


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