Friday, April 20, 2018

Fitness Tracker & Gadget Reviews

Diggro DB-05 GPS Sports Fitness Tracker Review

Pros Cons Heart Rate Sensor Performs Well GPS Accuracy Step Tracking Battery Life - 7 Days Real-Time Metrics During Activities Sensors Fairly Accurate (Altitude, Pressure) ...
Size comparison on wrist

Nokia Steel HR Full Review

Pros: Cons: Accurate Heart Rate Sensor Good Sleep Tracking Excellent Battery Life (25+ days) Build Quality, Size, & Looks Step tracking can miss some steps ...

New Gadgets & How-To Articles

fitbit versa

Is The Fitbit Versa Worth It?

There hasn't been any watch that I have been so eager to review as the Fitbit Versa.  For one, the Versa has to be...

Setting Up the Fitbit Versa, What A Pain! Some Tips

I was so excited to finally get the Fitbit Versa today.  I picked it up from my local Best Buy and took it home,...

Health & Science News

7-Minute Workout on the Fitbit Blaze

Are Those 7-Minute Workouts Worth It?

7-minute workouts are found on a number of fitness trackers such as Fitbit and many fitness apps but I've always wondered if they were...

You May Be as Old as Your Fitness Tracker Tells You

Sophisticated deep learning methods of analysis are used to predict mortality risk in individuals but can be logistically difficult to perform and are expensive. ...
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